Art supplies and Cake


Hello everyone! We had a long weekend this past week and it was a much needed rest. I recently got to grab some new art supplies from my favorite art store and omgah <3 I have recently found the wonders of pearlescent paints and I am absolutely in love! I only got one color to see if I would like it and I was surprised with the quality and consistency. So, obviously, I have to go back and get more. They had a few golds and pearls so I really do need them. I also picked up these Japanese watercolor pearlescent colors and they're nice, but not as good as the liquid acrylic that I got. I do want to keep them to see how I can use them in the future, though. I also picked up these PanPastels thinking I would really like them but after a few tries, I'm just not that into it. Josh told me that when I took them out he thought they were eyeshadows, haha! I guess I drift towards the same color palette~I'm very happy with my new art acquisitions >:) I have been updating my Sketchbook tab for this year on here, please take a look!

I have been consistent with keeping my daily journal so I picked up some supplies for that as well! Now that I have been doing it for about a year I can say that I like minimal decorations so I can fill in as many blanks as possible. So simple is best with me, but I need lots of color. Target had such cute things I couldn't help myself.

It was recently my dad's birthday so we got to have some much needed family time with everyone. Being with my family puts a lot of things into perspective and makes me feel overall so much better about everything. I tend to over-worry and need some reassurance with things in life. The house is clean and I'm getting a lot of things done that I've been meaning to for a while. For example, my art instagram! I'm really happy I decided to make a separate account for my art and artistic stuff, I'm meeting such sweet and talented people! I decided to go with my pen name and continue this way over there. We have drawing club today so I'm looking forward to working on a  couple of things I've been meaning to work on for a while!