Vixena Foxhood

One of my resolutions was not just to draw more, it was to draw more consistently and challenge myself with new techniques. One of my beloved OCs just doesn't get enough drawing time from me, so here she is. When I was in school, whenever I would draw my characters like this I would always get asked "WHY IS SHE NAKED"and I always felt the need to give some sort of excuse. Now that I'm older, my answer is simply "because I drew her that way." Draw what you want and don't make excuses for yourself! I see this sometimes with my students and I just want to tell them to not BS! It's ok to say that you just wanted to do that. That's what one of the focuses was, you liked the way it came out, you just didn't feel like doing anything else. It's coo'. But yes, here is Vixena. I drew her naked because that's what I felt like doing.

I'm trying to flesh out more characters for a story I want to focus on this year. The main character is Avyana, a character one of my students helped me name! I hope you're enjoying the new artwork so far˜