Challenge Yourself!


HERE I COME WITH MY THREE MONTH UPDATE! September marked the beginning of the school year and the first time I taught 2 different classes, Digital Sketch & Draw and Digital Arts. One is a middle school class and the other is an upper school class. At this very moment grades and comments are due so those have been taking up a good amount of time. Two classes have been a lot to juggle but I have been able to organize myself through... 3 different planners and calendars. Some might think that's overkill but it honestly has been the only way I have been able to keep up with everything. 

October was eventful because it was our second wedding anniversary! We had a lovely night and actually celebrated twice. Once at our favorite greek restaurant and the second time on the anniversary of when we started dating which was a couple of days later. Korean bbq and laughs were had~ Every year we say that we won't draw something for each other but we always manage a little something. 


Life has been very good to us. We both are working hard and focusing on the future. I have been planning a lot of stuff for my own work and trying to draw more regularly. Would you believe that after my previous post I stopped drawing as much? I started focusing more on my double workload and the beginning of the school year. If everything goes according to plan, there are a lot of changes coming within the next couple of years to our curriculum and our department and I'm taking a nice lead on that which I am very excited about! So I am still working to find a nice balance of my professional and personal life. I have been finding inspiration in Freelance artists on Youtube. I have also been stocking up on some of my favorite artists' merchandise from Etsy or their own stores. I have a pile in my art room that I need to photograph before I rip into them! At first I was going to film it (you know, trying to get back into my own Youtube channel!) but I would like to focus my filming more on my own work rather than that of others. Which is going to be difficult because I don't like filming myself while I draw... so I'm going to have to figure something out. 

How about you? How is everything going? Do you still read here?! Please tell me of any lovely things going on in your own life!