Asteria by Cherriuki Artbook

I've been following Cherri's work for years. I make note of when she has items releasing because I'm such a huge fan of her work. She's not only an amazing artist, she's also very sweet. In my experience, a lot of bigger artists are prone to not being as nice and don't reply or acknowledge a message sent to them, but Cherri has been sweet from the very first day I saw her work <3 That's not to say all artists with big followings are like this, but I've encountered more than a few. When I saw that Cherri was coming out with her second artbook compiling her original works, I was so excited to get my hands on it! Here are some details from her Storenvy:

- A4 size (Approx. 8" x 11") 
- 34 pages / Full color
- Perfect binding & pearlescent soft cover
- Signed and comes with an exclusive art print of the cover image. (Limited stock)

When Cherri releases a new book she always offers goodies to the first few who order and I've been lucky enough to always get them! She includes a little note of thanks in every order as well <3

I love the fanart she does, but my favorite kind of pieces she does is definitely her original work. She has this attention to detail that really comes out in her work. She also has this ethereal style that's mixed with every day life that I love looking at. The paper quality is luxurious and sturdy.

The packaging the order comes in is so lovely as well! She included a doodle on my envelope that I'm going to cut and paste in my Fauxbonichi <3 Overall I think this book along with all the others she has come out with are an essential addition to an art book collection. She has a special going on in her Storenvy right now for a two book bundle with her first compilation of original works over here! Both her traditional and digital work is stunning, she has been an inspiration of mine for years and I think you'll love her work, too!

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GDBee Artbook Overview

Geneva is an artist that I actually found quite recently! The way I find new artists lately is by searching my Instagram feed. I love exploring posts and finding works that are inspirational, and one day I found a piece by Geneva Benton and I was instantly hooked. After obsessing over her feed for a while, I saw that she had an artbook out! I don't make spontaneous purchases when it comes to artbooks usually because I like getting to know the artist's work better, but I became hooked so quickly I immediately placed an order at her store along with a print!

I have to say, the quality of both pieced is stunning. I got a tinier print than usual because I like to put them in my notebooks for inspiration when I write, now. The print is called Resting and I fell in love with it! I love when artists draw pieces like this, with a character lounging with a laptop and a book <3 It's on some glossy photo paper, my favorite kind of print. It came safely tucked in a plastic sleeve.

On to the artbook itself, the first thing that I have to mention is that it's pretty big. I want to say that first because I love bigger artbooks. When I buy an artbook, I want to see all the details in the pieces and proudly display it on my bookshelf. The bigger the book, the easier it is to see the details that the artist put into their pieces.

The book opens up with an introduction from the artist. I love when artists do this and find it a bit strange when they don't. Some just jump right into the art or have a tiny scribble at the end of the book. Personally, when I buy artbooks, I want to see the artists' work but I mostly want to know about their process and who they are. Without things like this it's basically like... a photo book? And that's nice I guess but I much prefer when the artist puts their spin on their work. As someone who's always wanted to do an artbook/doujinshi, I am always getting inspiration from other artists and the layouts of their books!

The pieces in the books itself are so beautiful. The paper quality is top notch and really adds to the ~lux~ feel of the book. The glossy look of the pages goes really nicely with her style. I can't encourage you enough to check out her gallery!

One of my favorite parts of the book is definitely how she puts tiny descriptions alongside some of the pieces. Not every piece has it, but with this series in the book she put a tiny description explaining it a bit and I love that! They were a real treat to have as part of the book.

I always, ALWAYS ask artists to sign every print and book they give me. Like I said, I don't usually make spontaneous artbook purchases so when I do it's always from an artist I admire and having the privilege of getting them to sign their work is so important to me. I've been asking artists to do this since I was able to start buying their work online!

Thank you, Geneva, for this lovely package! It was really so wonderful to receive <3 Please check out her gallery and her store, I think you'll fall in love with her work as I did!

DeviantART | Storenvy | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | Website

Juicy Ink Artbooks Review

The other day I had the privilege of receiving two sketchbooks and a few extra goodies from Victoria Gedvillas. She is an artist that I recently found through Instagram and was instantly hooked to her style. I saw she had a new artbook coming out as well as an older one she had in stock in her shop so I decided to snag it up!

I was very impressed with the packaging of the items! It was a pretty bulky envelope and I love receiving packages like that because you can really tell that the artist packed their books with a lot of love and care to make sure they are received without any damage. She had this beautiful note on translucent paper that made me feel like i was receiving something from Anthropologie! Both books were sealed and packed with cardboard to make sure they didn't bend.

The package came with a lot of goodies! I got free postcards and a sticker along with the books and it was just a wonderful feeling opening this up <3 I asked her to please sign both of the books and she even included a little message! 

Both books were filled with stunning sketches and finished pieces. Her style is immediately recognizable and beautiful to look at. She does a wonderful job combining colors and it gives the overall piece a very unique feeling. I love on the inside of one of the books she had what looked like coloring samples for the pieces she had. I had never thought of doing that with an illustration and I really love the idea! I have been trying to do that a bit more with my own work and I love the little result that comes about! It's like a tiny completed illustration~

If you would like to check out more of her work, please visit her website! Check out her gallery and her shop, I think you'll really love it!


A Punto De Partir Review

I'm very excited to do this review for you today, dear reader <3 Today I want to give a tiny review on A Punto De Partir written and illustrated by Fran Meneses. Fran is probably my number one inspiration right now for pretty much everything. I'm addicted to her videos, admire her work ethic and adore her work.  If you don't know who I'm talking about, she also goes by Frannerd and she labels herself as an Illustuber. Fran lights a little light in my day when she updates with her artwork or blog posts. When she first announced she was writing a book a little while ago I didn't know how to handle my joy.

I waited for her to announce the release of the book and that day came about a year later! The tricky thing about it was that at the moment it was only available in Chile. I haven't had the best luck with international sellers and books so I was wary. When I did find a store that sold it online, I was so excited! But then I saw how much shipping was going to be... It was more than the book itself! Honestly I would have gotten the book sooner than I did but the holidays were coming up and the price was a bit much with everything else I needed to buy for others. Once the holidays were over, I took the jump and I am so glad I did. I couldn't be happier with the quality and service that I received from Busca Libre, I highly recommend them if you would like the book shipped outside of Chile. 

First off, the book is in Spanish. This isn't a problem for me (actually an added bonus!) but it may be for those who would like to read it and aren't fluent in the language. She did announce that an English version is in the works and hopefully that will be available soon!

The book is Fran's travel journal that she kept while her and her husband Ed went on their honeymoon a few years ago. The book's guide is Fran and she talks about the journey from beginning to end sharing her experiences as well as some lovely tips for readers if they ever go to these places. The illustrations are true to her style throughout as well as mixed with her humor that she shares with us in her channel. I love how cute she and Ed are throughout the book and how honest she is about how she felt on their journey. My favorite part of the book was when she would break the fourth wall and talk to the readers as if she's really guiding you through the story and giving some background on the events occurring! It takes me a bit longer to read in Spanish than it does in English so I really felt immersed in her story and it put me in such an inspiring place. My husband (eek <3!) and I did something similar a few years ago except we actually lived in Spain for 9 months. We traveled as much as we could while we were there and actually visited everywhere she did in Europe! It was really lovely seeing the places we saw illustrated in her book and got to know the experience she had along with it. I took a lot of photos of everywhere we went but I wish I had done what she did and drew out the whole experience. I regret not drawing more than I did!!!

Another one of my favorite parts of the book is this beautiful design on the inside of the front and back cover. I think it gives the book a really "top quality" feel. The book feels really nice to hold in your hands, if that makes any sense! I feel like I got to see a little of how life was before I saw Fran on her Youtube channel. She created this video here where she details her experience writing and illustrating her first book which I highly suggest sitting through with a cup of tea.

She has her travel journal up on her Etsy store which I also highly recommend. I love Spanish/Hispanic Illustrators and Graphic Artists because I want to buy their stuff in both English and Spanish! I really enjoy her books and can't recommend them enough. Her work is fun to read but also makes you warm with something I can't explain. It's like talking to your best friend about a place they traveled to and looking at the photos they took. I guess that's a good description of Fran and the work she does. When I watch her videos and read her blog posts, it's like I'm talking to a close friend. She's lovely and inspiring and will make you want to grab the nearest pencil and start drawing whatever comes to your mind. If you have some time, do yourself a favor and watch her videos or spend some time on her Instagram, your creativity will thank you for it!

Where to find Frannerd:

Blogspot | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Etsy Shop| Facebook | Tumblr | Patreon

***Revenge of the Queen by Inma Ruiz***

So one of my absolute favorite artists is Inma R. She's been an art idol of mine for years, I love the way she draws cute girls and the way her coloring has evolved over the years. Recently she self published the first volume of her first original manga called Revenge of the Queen. What I thought was cool about this was the fact that she had the option of getting in English or in Spanish. Me, being the lover of Spanish manga that I am, was really excited, but getting both books was a bit on the hefty side for me since I didn't exactly have money at my disposal. As soon as I had some money to spend I knew I wanted to get both volumes, not just one. So that's what I did, LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! 

She has them printed on Lulu, and they print to order, so these books are basically hot off the presses~! They came packaged together.

I've read one chapter online and I fell in love! Here's a sample from the both books!

I'm really pleased that I have these books in my collection. I get to read them both and compare how the English translation compares to the Spanish one, I love doing things like that :3 I put the books next to the 6 3x1 books she did as well as O.U.T.

If you would like to purchase Revenge of the Queen, here are the links!

For the English version!

For the Spanish version!