***A Day In The Life Bedmar Edition***

Today is a really lovely day outside. Every time we have a lovely day I am reminded of Bedmar. Josh and I lived and worked in Bedmar for 9 months about 3 years ago but it still feels like a few months ago. I started my blog over there and eventually moved over to Squarespace. I have the blog set to private but all my entries are still on there. I had a peek through them the other day and found one of my favorite entries I've ever made! I decided to bring it over here because I love it so much. It's amazing to see how much has changed and yet how similarly we lived our lives back then to now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

So no lie, this is when I start my day. I'm supposed to be at school at 9 am. Yeahhhhh mornings are a tiny bit stressful because we can't wake up. I think we were supposed to have gotten accustomed to the time difference but I firmly believe that we have not. It is difficult to wake up at 7:30 am (that's when our alarm is set), and not just like a "Ughhhhhh I'm so tired" difficult. It feels like we are getting up at 3 or 4 am to start our day. Our eyes don't open all the way and we're like blahhhhh -0- And I've had to wake up at 6 am at work back in the States. It's not the same.

My face when I wake up! Ever since I started applying moisturizer I feel like my face looks wonderful!

And on our little bathroom shelf I have everything I use in the morning. Blush, concealer stick, moisturizer, a shade of eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. And perfume, of course.

Because Josh doesn't have to apply anything after washing his face in the morning, he finishes more quickly and usually gets everything ready for us in the living room before we leave. HANDSOME.

After applying makeup and getting dressed! At this point it's like... 9 so we don't have time for breakfast usually. Well, I don't. The days Josh wakes up a  little earlier he always eats breakfast and always leaves a cereal bowl and a banana out for me but... I'm a lazy fool and never eat breakfast. One day T-T

I did this on Tuesday, and on Tuesdays we go to work together! We walk to school to get to work. Going there isn't a problem, because it's all downhill! We go down these stairs and down a big hill to get to work. Our schools are right next to each other, so we kiss each other goodbye in the morning and go to our respective buildings.

I took pictures of our schools but I won't include them in this post, just to be on the safe side. When I get to school on Tuesday I have one class in the morning that lasts half an hour and then I have an hour and a half break! During this break, I chat a little with my coworkers that are also on break, but sometimes they're busy so I use this time to scan in my sketchbook! Sometimes I also do tutoring and preparation for classes, but I always try to squeeze in time to scan in the sketches I did over the weekend. Which I still have to queue up.

During break time, I have my extra tutoring classes that I give to students who are interested in learning a little more English outside the classroom for free. I usually enjoy these classes a lot because I love seeing motivated students! Lately though we breeze through what I plan because some days have less students than others, so I send the kids away about five minutes before the bell rings so I have some time to eat and to read or something. My favorite snack are rice cakes with a piece of cheese and a fruit! And of course my water bottle that I drink throughout the day. 

 You can see the other school from the windows at my school. One time I saw Josh going through the hallways to his class, he didn't see me, though <3

 And we can always see our castle, of course.

This is Maria, the teacher I work with the most in the school! I was surprised she was so willing to get her picture taken, every time I try she gets really shy XD 

 Maria and I are really close, we talk about everything. We spend a lot of time together and really enjoy one another's company! She's not the only one I feel close to at school, but I didn't see my other friends that day!

 Josh waits for me outside the school because he usually finishes earlier than I do! We get to walk home together 2 out of the 3 days we work!

 The amount of climbing we have to do every time we go to work is disgusting. It wasn't so bad when it was cold because I guess we got used to it, but now that it's getting warm WE HATE IT SO MUCH.

HOME. I am really happy when I come back home with Josh <3 Hard days work is done!

 The first thing Josh and I do when we get home from work is make sure we get chores done, like making the bed, doing the dishes from that morning, or folding laundry.

After chores get done, we eat lunch! We eat lunch around 2:30. This isn't a typical lunch, we usually both have sandwiches with cold cuts and egg, but I was in a chicken mood, so I had leftovers and Josh had  a sandwich. We eat lunch while watching an episode of a show of something. Lately it's been House.

After we finish lunch and watching our episode at 3:00, we work on our "extracurriculars". This includes blog writing, drawing, personal writing, or just relaxing and catching up on online stuff.  

We get changed at around 4:30 and head out for our tutoring jobs! We have to go down this awful road every time :( If a car comes by we have to squeeze into a doorway or crevice so we don't get run over. This is Bedmar's main road and one of the quickest ways to get out of it if you live in Bedmar, so there's no real way around it without adding time.

We pass through the whole town on foot, which takes us about 10 minutes.

On Tuesdays, Josh and I separate here. The house he goes to is on the side around there, but I have to continue walking for another 5 minutes. 

I go to a different part of Bedmar that Josh never has to go to unless he manages to get that far when picking me up. There are only a few houses and a nursing home on this side of Bedmar. We've had beautiful weather on Tuesday, thankfully. I'm not used to seeing it this beautiful. Winter has been cold and grey in Bedmar, and I actually liked it that way XD I'm getting a little stressed out about the heat here. It's supposed to get REALLY hot soon and I am not prepared in any way .-. I hate the sun! Anyway, that puppy is one of my best friends. Every time I pass her house, she barks her head off at me and I love her. She's this tiny little chihuahua and has no idea how much I love her. I'm pretty sure she hates me. She reminds me of my Nena. I keep forgetting to bring her a piece of ham to bribe her into liking me.

I get to the house I tutor at by 5 and finish at 6 pm. On my way back, I usually run into Josh and we walk the rest of the way back together!

This is the entrance to the town! 

I miss my puppies so much that I am overly friendly with all the stray animals in Bedmar. We have lots of cats, and a wonderful little calico cat that meows whenever I approach her and she lets me scratch her everywhere! We recently met this white puppy that likes to walk around and when we see her she lets us pet her and scratch her! She has an owner so I try not to hog her too much. 

Josh and I recently discovered that there are a lot of abandoned buildings and homes that have collapsed in on themselves in Bedmar, and it's a little haunting because there are usually still belongings from the previous owner inside! We have one by the apartment that still has a bed and its sheets together, along with an old, dusty tv on the shelf. It's scary but fascinating. This one had bunnies in cages on the inside which terrified me, but it sounded like there were people upstairs so I hope they belonged to them ;-;

Tuesday is our grocery shopping day for the week! We go to the butcher's and our little market and get what we need. This is our butcher, we never know what to get when we get there. We love getting ribs and the prepared pork he has, the meat is always so tender and fresh when we eat it!

After the butcher's, we go to our market and stock up on everything else. I actually forgot to take pictures of us grocery shopping so I used some old ones. We always get everything under 3 euro (UNLESS THERE'S ICE CREAM WHICH THERE IS NOW) and a whole lot of fruit. 

 After we finish putting groceries away, we usually relax for about half an hour and then get to making dinner. We start making dinner no later than 7:30 otherwise we'd be eating at 10 pm every night. Writing it now makes me wonder what the Hell we do to make our cooking process to last so long T-T Well usually we make chicken or something in the oven, and that takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish cooking, but on Tuesday we decided to make salad! We might be making salad more often nowadays because it's so hot, using the oven might be the worst idea ever. Our salads include lettuce, tomatoes  onions, mushrooms, carrots, corn, olives, tuna and a hard boiled egg. Josh is in charge of mixing the salad because he does something magical to salads that make me not mind only eating it for a meal. 

LOOK AT THAT SALAD WOAHHHH omg I want some right now. And that particular night we wanted some pudding for desert. This pudding has a cookie on top of it. it's so good! We usually eat around 8 or 8:30. Late ;-; We eat dinner while watching another episode of something... usually House. I don't know what we're going to do when we finish watching House. Hopefully we won't until it's time to leave Spain.

The sun has been taking it's sweet time to set over here lately that at 9 it's still light out. After we finish eating dinner, we clean up and wash dishes, and then either shower or go to bed. We try to go to sleep around 11 pm so we can try to wake up early again the next day. We try to read in bed before going to sleep, or watch a youtube video to get us tired enough to want to go to sleep.

I feel that I don't have a lot of free time on weekdays because we're always running around and working, but I like it because our weekends are long and the "Day in the Life" for that would be 4 photos: the bed, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. When we're not travelling of course. Our life is like that because there's nothing to do in Bedmar, sadly. It's a small town and we have to make our own fun. We used to go on walks all the time but once you've walked around basically everywhere it's a little tiring. Then it started raining all the time or being really cold so we didn't want to go outside. Now it's too bloody hot we don't even want to open a window XD HERMITS.

I hope you enjoyed this "Day in the Life"!

***White and Silver Frames***

I was going through my old blog up on Blogger yesterday and I was reading the entries from back then and felt so nostalgic. Though Blogger was a pain in the butt, I can't deny I used to update there more than I do on here. I'm currently trying to fix that and get back on my blogging kick! I would like to start Flashback Fridays here where I can post some of my favorite entries from my old blog because it's private and isn't accessible to anyone but me. There were some of my lifestyle entries that aren't really current and can't come over, but there are some like this one that are very special and I would like to have them on my blog here as well. Any entry with this in the title *** is a Flashback entry! This entry is White and Silver frames and it features an illustration I did for two very special people for their wedding day last year <3 It was the first real illustration I did in a while and I'm very proud of it! You can now find this illustration under the Illustrations tab in the navigation bar. I know I haven't updated that since I started my blog, but if you're interested in seeing my illustration from over the years you can head over there!

***Unzipped with Roses***


Hello everyone! It's been a week and I wanted to update on here <3 School is now out for the year, congratulations to all you graduates! Working at a school has prepared me for June, the month of new beginnings! This is actually my first year in a yearbook, so I'm very excited to receive it! The students won't be in the school anymore and it'll just be a few faculty members working throughout the summer... myself included. I'm excited about this because there's lots of exciting things to work on for the next school year! I've been focusing a lot on work lately so there isn't much going on besides that, but I did want to share a few things!


The other day I decided to actually clean up my makeup station. It still looks awful but it's a million times less cluttered! I got rid of a lot of things I was just hanging on to for variety, but I was missing a lot of makeup I would rather use than the same things I always use. I have so much lip balm it's actually a problem. I'm very happy with my makeup now~


I now have a beautiful magical-girl looking pair of promise rings <3 This ring actually looks like a symbol I used to use as a watermark for my art when I was much younger. Before I knew it was a thing, I used a heart with a crown and wings a lot in my art! I saw this ring in Pandora and couldn't take my eyes off it. Josh got it for me and we didn't realize until we bought it and I put it on how perfectly it goes with my promise ring. The diamonds look like they are raining drown from the top ring and it looks all ~~~magical~~~ I'm thankful I have someone so considerate and thoughtful as my partner <3

Today was my first day with a different schedule than I've had all year, so my friend and I decided to go out and have a good time! We stopped at Panera and let me just say my newest obsession are salads with fruit and a sweet dressing. I never thought I would like salads like these but wow I can't stop eating them!!! If I see them on a menu I order them without looking at the rest of the options. This is a definite favorite for the summer.


On our girl date we decided to be cool kids and take out our makeup bags and take pictures! She actually has a makeup bag now and I love her taste in makeup so I was really curious to see what she had.


And mine is the one with Vera Bradley! From left to right, I have some hair stuff, a necklace a student gave me with our school symbol on it, Sparkle Teeth Tablets from Lush that whiten your teeth after drinking coffee or something, My Escada Paradise perfume, Baby Lips, Clinique hand lotion, a Clinique rose lipstick and mascara Bare Minerals eyeshadow for touch-ups, , Pantone Universe lip gloss, a Sephora mini mirror, my Chanel lipstick and a Revlon lip gloss. I keep everything in a Vera Bradley makeup bag.


And of course the entire point of our trip was to pick up some makeup from Ulta. I've never actually gone before and it was a pretty positive experience. I picked up my new summer scent which could very possibly be my new signature scent. It's been Escada's Cherry in the Air but they discontinued it and if they ever make it again I would totally switch back, but I gotta say I fell in love with Dolce and Gabbana's Rose the One. It's the sweetest smell of roses and ~sophistication~ and while walking around the store I couldn't stop sniffing myself XD Once again I left the Naked 3 and opted for Lorac's Unzipped. The colors in this palette are so, so beautiful and I know I'll use every color (how many natural colors can a girl have before it becomes ridiculous?) It also comes with an eye primer (which I don't use but now I have a small sample of primer AND eye primer so I guess there's a first time for everything?). I was very happy to be able to splurge... but yeah this was a definitely a splurge day. 

***2013 Carry On Contents***

OH BOY I'M EXCITED I'M ABLE TO MAKE THIS POST. I've been having to do a lot of errands, packing, and friend and family bonding and I didn't think I'd be able to do this second to last post for the year. What's the last post? HMMM check tomorrow at noon to see what the last big post of 2013 will be! But for now, let me fill you in. My family and I will be leaving for Bolivia to celebrate their 25th anniversary! They're renewing their vows and we're making a big deal of it and it's going to be really cool. My brother and I haven't been to Bolivia in the past 7 years and a lot has changed... especially us. I was 16 the last time I was there now I'm 24 ARE YOU KIDDING. We're looking forward to seeing our family and being there as a whole family! 

Now, something I really love doing before travelling is watching Travel Essential videos on youtube. They do me no good because most of them talk about all the makeup they're bringing and they're travelling within the United States, so most of their flights are less than 10 hours long. We're taking three flights and the total of the trip will be over 20 hours. I would like to make this post for my peeps who ever travel internationally and need things like toothbrushes, a change of clothes and something to occupy them for longer than an hour or two.

First off is my clear bag. I see that a lot of gurus like to bring things like spray for their face, eye depuffing strips, a full cosmetics bag to undo and redo their makeup for when they get on and off the plane... I'm not about that life. If I've learned anything from the amount of travelling I've done this year is how to pack properly for international flights and what's ok to bring and what you're better off just packing in your checked bag. I need my toothbrush and toothpaste for the morning after, a tiny deodorant for if I feel funky, moisturizing lotion for my face at night and a little bit in the morning (your face won't melt off if you don't use a special and expensive face lotion guys come on.) a face cleanser for if I feel really gross (it's happened on flights before.) a small mirror, moisturizing lip balms, and Midol. For lady problems. And of course kleenex. If I find that I need anything other than this I will let you guys know but I'm 99.9% sure this is all anyone practical will ever need. I did make a Travel Essential post a while back but that was about what I take for the entire trip, not for the plane. Maybe I'll make a post on what I brought for the trip when I get there.

Because I will be going to Bolivia and there will be no need to exchange any money, I will not be bringing any money. I'm just bringing 20 bucks for the airport for any kind of emergency or anything. Plus a tiny picture wallet filled with puppy and friends pictures because I always need something like this with me at all times, my driver's license because I need some sort of identification other than my passport, and my sunglasses! This is all being kept in a wallet for easy access. This will also contain my passport and plane tickets when I get them together on the day we're travelling. Having easy access to these things is SO important, you always have to take them out and have them on hand. 

Here I have a sweater for the plane, my moleskine notebook, a pencil case, a bag filled with my precious jewelry and my camera! I carry my jewelry close to me on my carry-on because if, God forbid, our luggage gets lost, my jewelry will always be with me and safe. TRUST NO ONE. Along with this carry on, I also have another one that has a change of clothes, my dress for the wedding and the shoes for this same exact reason. We can't afford to lose our dresses. Mom and I have our dresses stored in our extra carry-ons just in case of anything. We may be without clothes for a while but we cannot be without our wedding attire. We are risking nothing.

And my electronics~ I'm bringing my Macbook Pro which I have named Pink Champagne, my 3DSXL with a few games I have yet to finish, my iPod, my white BOSE headphones and a bag with some chargers for all this stuff. I'm not bringing my iPad because it's technically not mine, it belongs to the school and if something happens to it I will feel so bad and will never be able to get over it so no iPad on this trip :( I am bringing my phone, though, so I'll be able to do whatever non-wifi things I can do on my iPad on my phone. Except play Spelltower. And Mystery Room. And the Ace Attorney games WAHHHHH ok so clearly there are things I cannot do on my phone that I can only do on my precious iPad... I guess I could download those things on my iPod though so... I'll think about it. 

Yesterday was dedicated to packing. Poor mom and dad were on our case to get it done but they underestimated me. I've had to pack in much worse situations and with much less time. I had no problem packing all my clothes and necessities and my carry-on *proud*. I'm a little scared about getting there because our house doesn't have wifi. Dad's thinking about getting temporary wifi installed but if we don't get that done I'm going to have to wander around internet cafes and cousins houses and steal internet that way. I have needs. They have to understand. I will try to blog from there, but no promises. I'm taking my camera and will be taking many, many pictures so I will definitely have material to blog if not while I'm there, when I get back!

***Packing Light and Traveling Abroad***

Traveling abroad.jpg

You guys know I went to Bolivia last month, right? Well during the beautiful blizzard we had this morning, I took some time to remember how beautiful and warm Bolivia was and how I was there not too long ago. And that's when I remembered I had a post lined up that went along with my Bolivia post that never got posted... so here it is... it's a fun one, I promise. 

The topic is Packing Light and Traveling Abroad! I realize that traveling light doesn't come easy to some, and as someone that refused to go anywhere without her entire book collection and 3 different marker sets when she was younger, I feel like I've changed for the better. This last time I went to Bolivia I felt like I packed pretty well, especially knowing I was going to be there a little over two weeks. If you're interested, I did post my carry on contents over here! And a couple of months ago I posted my travel essentials, though those have kind of changes a bit.

It has been a while since I had traveled. The last time I left the country was back in June when we took a family vacation to Mexico and I felt like I took the shortest amount of time to pack out of anyone because I've come to the realization that living out of a suitcase has become rather... normal for me. SPAIN HAS CHANGED ME. I need far fewer things to keep around me, even at home. I have my few essentials that I desperately need and then there's the stuff I like but I don't need. Hey. If you ever get to live anywhere for 9 months and have to make the decision of taking certain things with you or leaving them behind never to be seen again, you'll be changed, too. 

While we stayed in Bolivia, we got to stay in a condo my family has been constructing for the past year or so and it is finally in good enough condition for us to stay whenever we go! This was our first time staying there, so... there wasn't any furniture besides the beds and a night table in every room. But you know what, we found that we really didn't need much more than that. Not even a mirror, if you can believe that. We would go into the elevator to check ourselves in the mirror on the wall. Eventually we did get two tiny mirrors but we never really used them.

This is what stayed on my nightstand the entire time! Though we all brought our laptops, we didn't have wifi in the condo. IT WAS PRETTY ANNOYING? But my brother found a way to get service on his phone by changing out his sd card and he was able to tether for us if we needed it for an emergency or anything (or when I wanted to chat on Facebook with Josh >.>) but we never used it with our laptops. I actually mainly used my laptop when I wanted to watch Sex and the City or movies that I already had downloaded. I would actually listen to music on my iPod until I fell asleep some nights and most of the time I read to fall asleep. Not pictured here is my 3DS which I also kept on my nightstand which I also played way more than I do now that I'm back home. I played while waiting for my parents to get ready or on our down times when I didn't feel like walking to my grandma's for wifi. Yeah, I had to walk a couple of blocks to get proper wifi and I could only do that if we didn't have plans. KIND OF ANNOYING but in the end I think it was best because the main reason we went to Bolivia was to be with family not be on the internet. And of course, I had to have a picture of me and Josh near the bed. IT WAS TINY but it did the job. 

As far as makeup goes, I don't think I needed a lot. But I definitely needed more than I did when Josh and I traveled in Spain. I used my Too Faced Natural Eye palette almost every day and my Life Palette in Love Life the most. I loved using my Life Palette but I feel like some of the colors could definitely be more pigmented. I brought a mini case with some brushes to apply most of my makeup and my eye lash curler. My every day makeup routine was the L'Oreal True Match compact makeup, blush, mascara and occasionally eyeshadow. The possibility of buying makeup in Bolivia was absolute zero. Neither I or my cousins knew of a good place to get makeup in Bolivia, and the products I already had are considered luxury products over there. I mean, even the makeup artist we hired wanted to use my makeup over her own! This is Bolivia, though. If you're going somewhere in Europe or Australia or a place that you know has their own brands and products you can't find anywhere else, I highly encourage you to try out new things! Maybe you'll find your new holy grail product and order more through an online shop when you get home! 


As far as skin routine, it was a bit tricky. I'm used to going to Bolivia in Winter when the weather is really dry, but it was summer over there and the weather really wasn't very dry. I came ready with my lotions and face creams and my moisturizer XD As you can see, I don't need anything major, but I knew these needed to come with me. Morning and night cream are essential for me because taking care of your skin is so important when you travel! I can't tell you how stressed I felt about all the changes I was going through and it was showing in my skin >.< The first week was a bit rough because my body was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHERE AM I but after consistently doing my routine skincare I was back to normal~ I only brought one perfume (because it was one of the two I own.) and an EOS lip balm that I applied religiously. I also only brought three earings and two necklaces that I cycled through while over there. I didn't want to risk anything getting lost.

As far as bathroom essentials, I brought a regular sized Rusk shampoo, a Dove soap, Tea Tree body wash and shaving cream. I don't bring travel sized products because what the eff is that I am going to need more than travel sized products. I suggest that you bring one regular sized products of whatever you normally use abroad and when you get to your destination you try to find an alternative to them if you need more. But at least you'll have like half a month to a months worth of product in the mean time. It's fun to experiment, but when you go abroad, there are some things that you just need that you won't find over there. I know my skin is sensitive and will reject anything other than Aveeno or a really hydrating cream, so I couldn't budge on that one, and the same goes for the soap. Shampoo wasn't too big of a deal, but you get the idea. While I was in Spain I tried to make the products I brought from home last as long as possible because it was so difficult to find alternatives there.

Along with packing light for the trip, I also packed very light with my purse. It's very dangerous to go out to the city with a purse or even with any jewelry on, so I decided to stick to a very simple purse. This is a Coach cross-body bag that fits the bare essentials. If I could fit the bare essentials in a purse for two weeks, you should be able to as well. I initially bought this purse to use in Spain because I wanted to carry around something small and only have things I really needed on me... that changed after about a month. Europe has really pretty bags, ok? But anyway, this purse served me very well! If you know you're going to a place where there's a lot of pickpockets or there's a lot of theft (this can be in the subway or in the downtown of a crowded city as well!) I suggest you take along a purse like this and keep it securely on your person. If you need to get a phone abroad, get a really simple phone that you can use strictly for making phone calls, and try to get one that's pay as you go! I kept my Galaxy Note II with me (not pictured) because something else that I think is extremely useful to have is a wifi device! Lots of places offer free wifi and all you have to do is whip out your phone or iPod (make sure your data is turned off your phone!) connect and you're good to go! Until you need to leave, but you know. I remember I would take time to check Instagram and my Facebook messages but it would only be for max 5 minutes. Of course I needed my lipstick and some lip balm as well as a compact mirror. I think the only touch up I do throughout the day is my lipstick and even that doesn't get done sometimes :/ I always kept some sort of id on me and some money that I could easily take out when I needed it. Then I had my camera that I actually used less and less throughout the trip because I preferred taking pictures with my Note II. It was less of a hassle to take pictures that way! And then my stupid sunglasses that didn't last me two days. Invest in good sunglasses.

I hope I was somewhat of a help to you if you're thinking about traveling abroad! Packing light is very important because it takes away so much stress that you wouldn't even know you have. And packing light really helps with the whole travelling experience! I remember one of the biggest reasons I loved my room so much over there was because it was so simple. I had my closet, my bed, and a nightstand. After a long day, I would just leave my clothes on the floor, put my purse on a shelf and crawl into bed. No worries, no distractions and no internet. It really is therapeutic to be away from it all for a while. Though I've been back for a while, I want to try to turn off the computer an hour before bed and just read, or listen to music or just play my 3DS until I fall asleep. I went from my simple purse with a few things in it back to my never ending pit of a bag back here. And actually sometimes I carry three bags around with me when I go to work! TAKE THAT, SIMPLE LIVING. You know, the simple life, when all I had was one never ending purse.