All The Washi


I love going to Instagram for planner and journal inspiration. I find such amazing people that have really great ways to write and decorate in their planners and journals. Some of my favorite posts are when people post great finds they get at Target or Michaels or something. I usually try not to get my hopes up because by the time I get to Target or Michaels to find anything it's all gone. Perhaps there are lots of planner girls in my area! The other day I went to Michaels to see if I could get my hands on this gold foil washi tape that's been all over Instagram and low and behold, they had it! I went a little washi crazy and ended up getting way more than I ever have at a time because I finally found a Michaels that was fully stocked and had so many items available! When I started my hobby I never thought I would be one for washi tape but I really love using it for decoration, it really adds something to the pages~ I have a few washis that I wouldn't mind trashing because I only got them because they were there. Now I feel like I'm more selective with them. Especially since I have so many XD I love laying them out when I get to plan my week out and write in my Hobonichi <3

Hobonichi Cousin Haul and Look

Ok so I can't really properly explain how excited I was to receive my very own Hobonichi. I've been doing research for the past six months and teetering between a regular sized Hobonichi in English or to get the bigger Cousin size. There were a lot of factors that I considered, a lot of unboxing videos, and a whole bunch of Hobonichi hauls, and now finally I have my very own! My only regret with the Cousin is the lack of real diversity with the cover styles compared to the regular size. When the time came to finally order one, I had to make the shipping worth it so I splurged a bit and got some cool things I found on the Hobonichi site. I got some really great Japanese highlighters, Frixion pens (which I actually don't like too much) , a glue pen (which sounds so cool), a pencil board, a pink macaron cover and a cover on cover to give it that extra protection. 

As you saw from my previous entry, I got a Sailor Moon marker from Keenaprints that now lives here but unfortunately isn't pictured! The inside of my Hobonichi isn't exactly practical since I don't use page markers as much in it. I decorated the inside of it as soon as I got it so I threw in a bunch of things that not only added to the aesthetic but I thought I would need. So about three weeks in, I haven't used any of these! I should make it more practical... but look how pretty T-T

One of my favorite features is this sticker by the legendary Rose Besch. I have a bunch of her stickers that i got over the summer and I have been dying to use them but I never find the right things I want to put them on. This is one of my favorite pieces by her and I love having her right at the beginning of my Hobonichi. 

Ok so here is what's located in the beginning of the journal. When I ordered my Hobonichi, they had just released the Spring journals which starts in April. I was going to order that but then I thought about receiving it and having to wait two months to actually start writing in it! I ordered it in the beginning of February and only a month had gone by in the January start date journals. I had written down a bit of my day since the beginning of January in my Moleskine Planner so I planned to fill out January in my own time and just start with February. I would like to fill out the monthly and weekly views as much as I can but I don't know what to really put there. The Hobonichi is meant to be a planner as much as a journal but I get really personal with my entries so I can't see myself carrying it with me to work or to the store like I do my Moleskine. 

Writing my Hobonichi is not a unique experience for me. I had been writing for three whole months in my Fauxbonichi and the feeling is relatively the same. Unfortunately I have no interest in learning Japanese so the quotes at the bottom of the pages are lost on me. The English version has them in English but from the videos and photos I've seen, the quotes are kind of gibberish sometimes so I don't think I'm missing out on much. I try to use at least one Washi Tape on a page and aim to paste in important little details in my Hobonichi. This Valentine's Day card was given to me by my mentee and it is the sweetest thing <3 It's big enough to fill a whole page but I really wanted to write about my day so I stuck it in with washi so I can see it and have it there but I can also lift it and read about the day I had. 

Somedays I write a lot, and somedays not so much. I usually don't write a lot when I've had a bad day. I try to find substitutes for those bad days in terms of writing because I hate writing about bad things. If they're significant I try to write them so I can remember when they happened for reference, but for the most part my Hobonichi is an unfiltered personal journal that I write in. I don't draw as much as I would like to, but knowing that could take away space from the writing makes me hesitant to draw as much. The paper that the Hobonichi has is really great for watercolors and ink! I'm trying to use a Leuchtturm1917 to draw in more so I want to keep my traditional drawings in there. As you can see, I tend to doodle more in my Hobonichi and focus more on my writing. This is the first time I've done this with a journal.

I've always been so paranoid someone will find my journal and read it and think WHAT?! Josh knows the inside and outside of my day and what I'm feeling 99% of the time so I'm not afraid he'll read it. Most of my friends know a lot about my life so I wouldn't mind them reading it, but it's very liberating to finally feel comfortable to write a lot of things that I usually keep to myself. I love my blog. I used to keep a private one where I kept very personal stuff and only two people had access to it, but I eventually stopped writing in it. I think I've found a very good balance. It works for me now, at least.

I had fallen behind a few days this past week and spent a few hours catching up on Sunday. It's very therapeutic to me to do this. I love being surrounded by my supplies and writing about my days and what's going on. I wish I had done this more often every year of my life. I would like to start doing it now and encourage you guys to do it as well! It's a great way to be creative and keep track of wonderful memories. I wish with all my heart I did this when Josh and I were living in Spain. I remember those days so fondly even though a good amount of them were a little difficult for us. It makes me more thankful for everything we have here and that we still have each other. I love writing in my Hobonichi, and even if I fall behind a few days it's always a great experience catching up and remembering my days~

***Sparkles and Art Supplies***


Over the weekend, Josh and I made a stop at Michaels in order to get some new art supplies. Josh and I both consider ourselves artists and we really love being able to shop for art supplies together! I ended up spending a lot more than I thought I was going to but I really think it was worth it. When I was in college I used to spend all my money on art supplies. Seriously, I didn't buy any clothes or shoes or bags or makeup. Purely art supplies. I miss those days *sigh* Now there are more "adult" purchases, and it doesn't help that I haven't been drawing too much... Well I ended up splurging on some Copics (always pastel colors)! I also got a new sketchbook and a Faber Castel copper marker that goes over colors very nicely! Josh actually got me the white artist pen because my budget was being stretched too far XD He's always so supportive of my art and always finds ways to let me know <3


I actually have a bunch of art supplies I don't really use, so I embraced the oppurtunity to have a drawing date with Josh! We put on one of our favorite shows in the living room, cleared off the kitchen table and filled it with art supplies! We got to drawing and testing out what we got today. I ended up drawing a cute girl (of course.) and had a lot of fun experimenting with the coloring! I highly recommend the Strathmore Sketchbooks because the colors don't bleed through to the next page at all. I'm always looking out for things like that, and I'm also super picky about the paper I use. It can't be too thin or too thick. I like the official feel of Moleskine sketchbooks, but I have to admit I always get worried about really sketching on the paper because it's so nice. I always want to draw more worthwhile things and avoid sketching and I don't think that's a good thing at all. This sketchbook makes me want to sit down with my art supplies and go crazy with them! I got to draw my cute Kate Spade purse I bought the other day, too.

Last night I got to sketch a bit before bed to help tire me out. It didn't work XD I wanted to practice my chibis because I see how cute other artist's make them and I've always felt weird about my chibis. 

I know I need to do more digital artwork and practice with that, but coloring traditionally is too much fun! I always tend to draw myself wearing a hoodie but I tried to get out of my comfort zone with that and actually drew a pretty dress instead. I want to try to draw more varied fashion choices, so that's something I'm working on as well! 

You can get a glimpse of where I keep my Copics here as well as some of my chibis. I'm going to scan better versions of them and keep them away for a project I would like to work on over the summer. Remember how I said I wanted this blog to be like my sketchbook? Well, I would like to have a site dedicated to my sketches and actual illustrations instead of just putting them on Flickr like they are now. But that's something to start compiling and reporting on when more is actually planned out. I'll keep you all updated!

***Berlin Treasure***

Berlin was not only beautiful, we found that it had a lot of goodies. I've never owned any Stabilo products before but I've seen them at the Corte Ingles in Spain, but wow, are they expensive. Since it's a German company, we found that the prices were much better and there was more variety in the pen packs. Also, there was a good selection of Staedtler products! I got some markers from them because I always use their markers to color black. Oh, and the lovely Rilakkuma case was from a store called New Tokyo! I've always wanted a legit Rilkkuma case but they're always so expensive! This one was a bit pricey but not as much as I'm used to. The other pens were just random finds in stores and the pencil sharpener is one I've had before but I could only ever find it in silver, and this one was in pink! I highly recommend Staedtler and Faber Castel pencil sharpeners because they work for a long time.

I almost didn't get the Staedtler pens on the left but I just couldn't leave them behind at such a good price. And I always intended to get the Stabilo pens because they are beautiful. I think they're more for writing than for anything else, but I can try out a few things with them!

We went to a bunch of museums, and we like to buy either a magnet or postcards of our favorite pieces so we can put it up when we go back home. The statues with the woman looking like she's bored with the world reminded Josh of me when I go to museums. I agree. And those french postcards have nothing to do with the museums but I fell in love when I saw them! Each one has a little theme and has the words in french! The notebook has gold rimmed pages and has the same feel as a Moleskine notebook.I got it at the museum with the Nefertiti bust! I won't open that until I can use it, I have too many notebooks right now XD

Something I love about the European comic market is that it is so hardcore. Each month comic and manga magazines send stores free posters to hand out and even little books with previews for upcoming manga! I didn't want ot buy any German manga because I can't make up or down of the language. If they had Kimi Ni Todoke I would have gotten it, but they didn't .-. So I settled for these two manga previews that are the same size as normal manga. So there you go, German manga and I didn't have to pay! And the Sakura thing is a clear file I found in a Japanese manga store. I love her in that outfit!

This is Spanish manga. We got to spend some hours in Malaga on the way back so we visited our favorite comic book store there. I was so happy to find volume 6 of Yaruki!!! This is a series by Inma's sister that was published a few years ago and I've been dying to get my hands on the series since I got to Spain! I'm also looking for volume 6 of 3x1, a series done by Inma a few years ago as well. This is the only store in Malaga that had her old series so I'm hoping to get lucky there before I have to go back to the States. Sweet Moments is a new series Josh found there and the couple on the front kinda The story is very sweet and it's by a Spanish mangaka and we always love being able to support Spanish mangaka. Josh got me the second book in a series called "Mi Profe y Yo" which is... My Professor and I. My favorite kind of relationship :I And the other one is the first book in the series that I have the big poster of by my desk! I just got the poster in Rome because I liked the art, but I actually really love the series? Unfortunately, it's 14 volumes, and I can't afford to take them all back T-T I'm gonna have to wait (and hope) for it to come out in the US.

AND MY BEAUTIFUL NEW POSTER AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It came for free in one of the comic book stores. I had no idea it would be this beautiful T-T ALL THE COLORS! I love seeing it in my face every time I sit at my desk haha! This is what my workspace looks like right now XD I love it more every day.