Hobonichi Cousin Haul and Look

Ok so I can't really properly explain how excited I was to receive my very own Hobonichi. I've been doing research for the past six months and teetering between a regular sized Hobonichi in English or to get the bigger Cousin size. There were a lot of factors that I considered, a lot of unboxing videos, and a whole bunch of Hobonichi hauls, and now finally I have my very own! My only regret with the Cousin is the lack of real diversity with the cover styles compared to the regular size. When the time came to finally order one, I had to make the shipping worth it so I splurged a bit and got some cool things I found on the Hobonichi site. I got some really great Japanese highlighters, Frixion pens (which I actually don't like too much) , a glue pen (which sounds so cool), a pencil board, a pink macaron cover and a cover on cover to give it that extra protection. 

As you saw from my previous entry, I got a Sailor Moon marker from Keenaprints that now lives here but unfortunately isn't pictured! The inside of my Hobonichi isn't exactly practical since I don't use page markers as much in it. I decorated the inside of it as soon as I got it so I threw in a bunch of things that not only added to the aesthetic but I thought I would need. So about three weeks in, I haven't used any of these! I should make it more practical... but look how pretty T-T

One of my favorite features is this sticker by the legendary Rose Besch. I have a bunch of her stickers that i got over the summer and I have been dying to use them but I never find the right things I want to put them on. This is one of my favorite pieces by her and I love having her right at the beginning of my Hobonichi. 

Ok so here is what's located in the beginning of the journal. When I ordered my Hobonichi, they had just released the Spring journals which starts in April. I was going to order that but then I thought about receiving it and having to wait two months to actually start writing in it! I ordered it in the beginning of February and only a month had gone by in the January start date journals. I had written down a bit of my day since the beginning of January in my Moleskine Planner so I planned to fill out January in my own time and just start with February. I would like to fill out the monthly and weekly views as much as I can but I don't know what to really put there. The Hobonichi is meant to be a planner as much as a journal but I get really personal with my entries so I can't see myself carrying it with me to work or to the store like I do my Moleskine. 

Writing my Hobonichi is not a unique experience for me. I had been writing for three whole months in my Fauxbonichi and the feeling is relatively the same. Unfortunately I have no interest in learning Japanese so the quotes at the bottom of the pages are lost on me. The English version has them in English but from the videos and photos I've seen, the quotes are kind of gibberish sometimes so I don't think I'm missing out on much. I try to use at least one Washi Tape on a page and aim to paste in important little details in my Hobonichi. This Valentine's Day card was given to me by my mentee and it is the sweetest thing <3 It's big enough to fill a whole page but I really wanted to write about my day so I stuck it in with washi so I can see it and have it there but I can also lift it and read about the day I had. 

Somedays I write a lot, and somedays not so much. I usually don't write a lot when I've had a bad day. I try to find substitutes for those bad days in terms of writing because I hate writing about bad things. If they're significant I try to write them so I can remember when they happened for reference, but for the most part my Hobonichi is an unfiltered personal journal that I write in. I don't draw as much as I would like to, but knowing that could take away space from the writing makes me hesitant to draw as much. The paper that the Hobonichi has is really great for watercolors and ink! I'm trying to use a Leuchtturm1917 to draw in more so I want to keep my traditional drawings in there. As you can see, I tend to doodle more in my Hobonichi and focus more on my writing. This is the first time I've done this with a journal.

I've always been so paranoid someone will find my journal and read it and think WHAT?! Josh knows the inside and outside of my day and what I'm feeling 99% of the time so I'm not afraid he'll read it. Most of my friends know a lot about my life so I wouldn't mind them reading it, but it's very liberating to finally feel comfortable to write a lot of things that I usually keep to myself. I love my blog. I used to keep a private one where I kept very personal stuff and only two people had access to it, but I eventually stopped writing in it. I think I've found a very good balance. It works for me now, at least.

I had fallen behind a few days this past week and spent a few hours catching up on Sunday. It's very therapeutic to me to do this. I love being surrounded by my supplies and writing about my days and what's going on. I wish I had done this more often every year of my life. I would like to start doing it now and encourage you guys to do it as well! It's a great way to be creative and keep track of wonderful memories. I wish with all my heart I did this when Josh and I were living in Spain. I remember those days so fondly even though a good amount of them were a little difficult for us. It makes me more thankful for everything we have here and that we still have each other. I love writing in my Hobonichi, and even if I fall behind a few days it's always a great experience catching up and remembering my days~

Keenaprints Planner Sticker Haul

I was very excited to receive a package from KeenaPrints on Etsy last week! This year I've become a bit of a planner junkie and have been obsessing over finding great shops to order from on Etsy and watching planner setup videos on Youtube. I would like to write about starting out with finding shops and stickers for your planner eventually! I found this really great seller by browsing shops on Etsy and watching videos on Youtube with people decorating with her stickers. I saw that she was having a sale and decided to place an order!

I ended up getting a lot more stickers than I was planning .////. I go in thinking about practical ones that I could use in my planner but then end up getting a few sheets just because they're so pretty! I love the quality of her stickers. I got all of mine as matte stickers. She even included a few extras that I really love! Her packaging is so great, too. They all came in this personalized envelope where she wrote my name! She has a brilliant Instagram where she shows the orders that go out and encourages her clients to find their name in the envelopes she ships out! I think that's such a great idea and gets you excited to check in and see if you'll spot your name in the pile!

A couple of practical stickers I got were cameras for when I plan to take photos for my blog, planners for when I plan out my week, laptops for when I plan to publish blogposts, phones for when I need to back up my phone photos, and houses for when my husband and I go house hunting~ I know it sounds odd but it's only recently that I've been wanting to start using my planner to keep track of when I want to do things in regards to my blog and my art. I really want to be better about updating and drawing and I should be using it to do this!

But you know, then I see so many beautiful stickers that could be so great for decorating! So I snagged those up to. Her stickers are really affordable and that pice for the quality is a bargain!

These are a few of my favorite of all the sheets I got from her. Those floral stickers on the top right are actually tabs! My Sketch Notebook doesn't have sections, just a bookmark that came with the notebook so I want to use them to organize it a bit. I throw a little bit of everything in there everyday and I figured using these would be great for organizational purposes!

Her shop is also the first shop I got my first markers from!!! So on Instagram there are so many beautiful planners that use paperclips and magnetic markers to make note of things and I've never gotten them because I never felt the need to but wow they are SO NICE. I'm using the laptop paperclip in my Moleskine planner and my Sailor Moon magnetic marker in my Hobonichi. I can't recommend Keenaprints enough! You can tell the amount of effort she puts into her work and the attention to detail she has with her packaging. If you need anymore convincing check out her Instagram