Getting Back Into It

Can you tell that I've been obsessing over buns lately? I love how some of my favorite artists draw them and wanted to actually give them a try with my own art! I also got the chance to ry out some of my gold watercolors last night with that second piece. Pocky and Pills is based off of someone I had a dream with recently and wanted to try to put it down into paper. I'm very happy with how it came out! I guess pastels are just going to stay with my style. The first one is called Figure.09 mostly because I was listening to some good old Linkin' Park while drawing it. My boss gave me a new nib for my Apple Pencil this morning and I wanted to try it out! The more I use my iPad Pro for art the more I love it. I was able to easily get down a drawing without thinking too hard about it! I hope you guys like them!

Summer Reading and Updates

I FEEL LIKE I HAVE THIS TENDENCY TO COME HERE ONE A MONTH AND JUST HAVE THE URGE TO WRITE. But I come with some art updates! I had the privilege of designing some summer reading postcards for my school and I just handed them in! I hope they get printed, but even if they don't I think I'm going to print them out on my own, anyway. I tried to mix my new style with a style I've always been comfortable with for both and I love the outcome! I have always loved the flat lay design in photos so I wanted to try my hand at drawing it. I really love the result.

Little My Chatter

I have been enjoying sitting down and drawing as much as I can, lately. I think I said this in a previous post, but I just like saying it out loud. I didn't realize how long it has been since I really produced something I loved that was just for myself. I usually draw sketches for myself and if I'm drawing like a birthday picture or something for someone I have to give it away to them. It definitely helps that I've been restocking my art supplies since purging a couple of weeks ago. That's not to say my art drawer isn't any less bursting at the seams... but that just means I need more storage space! 

I have been trying to expand outside of simple sketching or trying out art supplies. I've been taking a lot of baby steps. I will always be astounded at how much time I dedicated to drawing when I was in school. Now that I'm ADULTING it's much harder, but I'm making it more of a priority this year (9*_*)9 So far so good! I have really been enjoying working with watercolors and mixing media. I recently drew Nao again and compared her to a drawing I did about six months ago and the difference is pretty staggering. It gives me hope T-T Onwards to creating more art!

Personal life wise, everything has been going swimingly. Josh and I had grown accustomed to staying in all weekend while living in the apartment and we want to change that! To be fair, we did that because we felt bad for leaving Hershel most of the day at home by himself, but the puppy-parent guilt has waned a bit and now we feel more comfortable going to a movie or getting dinner after work and having mini day trips every once in a while over the weekend. They have been really lovely! We certainly eat better food. Our favorite trip to take is to Mitsuwa which is about an hour away from us. We go there for food and shopping~ On our most recent trip I found a variety of sizes of the Pen-Tec pen I've been loving recently so it was an awesome find. We also made a trip to this store that was jam packed with Gundam and a few other figures. I found this Sonico figure and was instantly like NEED. But... I have no display case to put her in and I would be terrified of keeping her on my desk T-T Please Lord don't let me get back into figure collecting, I can't do that AND pine for luxury bags T-T It doesn't help that Josh has been actively starting his figure collecting career. BAH! 

I hope you have been having a wonderful week so far!

Meet the Artist

Fun fact! I had this as an assignment in my class a couple of weeks before this tag popped up. AHEAD OF THE CURVE. But yey, I finally did a tag that was going around! I also wanted to design a witchsona and I kind of did but didn't finish an illustration for it in time...? Oh well maybe next time. Or I could just deisng my own magical girl-sona because I prefer them over witches. Have you done this tag? Let me know in the comments!

Art supplies and Cake


Hello everyone! We had a long weekend this past week and it was a much needed rest. I recently got to grab some new art supplies from my favorite art store and omgah <3 I have recently found the wonders of pearlescent paints and I am absolutely in love! I only got one color to see if I would like it and I was surprised with the quality and consistency. So, obviously, I have to go back and get more. They had a few golds and pearls so I really do need them. I also picked up these Japanese watercolor pearlescent colors and they're nice, but not as good as the liquid acrylic that I got. I do want to keep them to see how I can use them in the future, though. I also picked up these PanPastels thinking I would really like them but after a few tries, I'm just not that into it. Josh told me that when I took them out he thought they were eyeshadows, haha! I guess I drift towards the same color palette~I'm very happy with my new art acquisitions >:) I have been updating my Sketchbook tab for this year on here, please take a look!

I have been consistent with keeping my daily journal so I picked up some supplies for that as well! Now that I have been doing it for about a year I can say that I like minimal decorations so I can fill in as many blanks as possible. So simple is best with me, but I need lots of color. Target had such cute things I couldn't help myself.

It was recently my dad's birthday so we got to have some much needed family time with everyone. Being with my family puts a lot of things into perspective and makes me feel overall so much better about everything. I tend to over-worry and need some reassurance with things in life. The house is clean and I'm getting a lot of things done that I've been meaning to for a while. For example, my art instagram! I'm really happy I decided to make a separate account for my art and artistic stuff, I'm meeting such sweet and talented people! I decided to go with my pen name and continue this way over there. We have drawing club today so I'm looking forward to working on a  couple of things I've been meaning to work on for a while!